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To assist Melbourne Wine School students studying for their Wine qualifications, or those who want to learn more about specific grapes, regions or styles we have put together some useful and educational video tutorials which we hope will supplement your learning.

We hope you find the time to watch and learn from each of them!

We really enjoy putting these together so if you have any comments, or there is a region you would love to explore please get in touch and let us know!

Napa Valley, America’s most iconic wine region!

This tiny region on California’s North Coast has cemented its image as a destination for wino's from around the world as a world-class producer of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The valley’s many complex soils, together with changing degrees of altitude, sunlight, and temperature, provide a diversity of 'terrior' for the winemaker to produce these iconic wines.

Situated between Burgundy to the North and the city of Lyon to the South, Beaujolais is a small 55 km belt of vineyards .

This small and fascinating region has all the attributes which go into producing stunning, complex and elegant wines to match those of Burgundy, its more famous neighbour.

A single varietal, Gamay, is used to express the rich diversity of environments this region has to offer.

Nestled among the valleys and wooded hilltops, half way between Beaune and Paris, lie the vineyards of Chablis  running alongside the pristine Serein Valley. 

The region stretches over around 20 communes and the vines sink their roots deep into the clay-limestone soils, drawing on them for their distinct mineral characteristics.

Chardonnay reigns supreme here where it is used for all Chablis wines which has made them famous over the world.

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